Senior Leader Spotlight - Feb. 2019

This month, the LT spotlight shines on Demetria Williams, a senior in our Leadership Training Program. Demetria is a 9 year veteran of The Kellogg PEAK Initiative, beginning her journey as a recruit from Milwaukee College Prep. She said she made a commitment to the program and kept coming back because “I’ve built amazing relationships with staff and peers that I’ve known for years. I come back for the love and the great experience that I receive each time I participate in PEAK programs.” 

This year, Demetria has been a big part of the LT’s fundraising efforts for the College & Service Learning Tour. In addition, Demetria has been preparing herself for her next journey in life, going off to college. She plans to major in Biology and minor in Spanish.  We asked Demetria what advice she would give to an aspiring leader joining the LT program, and she said, “to join the LT program you must have dedication and always be open-minded to try the new things that the program puts in front of you. The program creates great opportunities and new experiences for you to encounter.”

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