Amanda Panciera, Director of Administration

Where did you grow up? 

Waukesha, WI

Where have you gained an education or done some learning?

Nebraska, Rhode Island, and in my kitchen while cooking and listening to podcasts.

Top 5 “things” that bring you joy:

Pizza, pens, a really comfortable AND cute outfit, smooshy dogs, and people watching.

What snack can’t you resist?

Is pizza a snack? Kettle cooked chips. sour candies. Snacks, in general.

What was one of your proudest moments?

Laying on the operating table and staring at my husband holding our baby girl for the first time - I couldn't believe she was actually here.

What’s something we might not know?

I was a drag king in a locally-known group in my early 20's - we pulled in crowds of 250+!

What's one of your fondest extraordinary experiences?

Being a DECA State Officer and running (and losing) a campaign for national office!

What are your top 3 favorite books or podcasts?

Reply All, This American Life, Professor Blastoff